eMarket to Mobile Phones

Electronically market to cell phones, sounds great, right?

Currently, most marketers are running Facebook ads, google ads, email campaigns, groups etc. It’s pretty typical for a marketer to spend $100, $200, $500 + a month advertising their products and/or services. In return, most people get more visitors to their fan pages, Instagram accounts, MLM pages or wherever you make your living.  More visitors typically equal more customers, right?

So, to sum it up you need eyes on your page.  Did you know that there is this little tool that is now available that will send an eFlyer to all Bluetooth enabled android phones that are within 100 yards.

Just imagine, your at Starbucks and several people are clicking on your link that you place on their phones while your sipping on your latte. Your at a football game and hundreds of people are clicking on your links, your at the amusement park and parents are clicking away while their kids are on rides, your at the pool and sunbathers are checking out your page, your at dinner with your family and dozens of people open their notification while chewing on their steak, your at your kids play at school and other parents and teachers open their phones to see your message the list could go on and on forever.

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Another use is for charities; want to simply get a message to your congregation? You can change up your message whenever you would like.

  • Car dealerships – send messages about your specials …
  • Realtors – use in an open house to stay in contact with potential clients
  • Mortgage brokers – Update rates to potential clients
  • Insurance Agents – Run more quotes, get more customers
  • Fitness Trainers / Gym Owners – Send inspiring messages and attract more clients
  • Network Marketers / MLM / Affiliate Marketing – Send your product information straight to everyone around you.
  • Contractors – put a gem in the home/business your remodelling and all the neighbors watching will get a message from you
  • Salons – send a message to your customers while they are getting services or send a message to potential customers who are within 100 yards of your gem
  • **Any and all other businesses or entrepreneurs will benefit from this.

This is TOTALLY affordable, go check it out… get it before your competitors do!

Royaltie Gem

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