This Amazing Little Gem :-)

How long have you been in business? Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, brick and mortar business, insurance sales, REALTOR, Broker, Mortgage Loan Officer, Car Salesman, beautician, salon owner, massage therapist, chiropractor or anything else. Whatever you do that requires customers, buyers, clients etc. THIS IS FOR YOU!!

No jokes! These little guys are what you need to increase your business.

Imagine this, you are at your kid’s sporting events, the beach, coffee shop, swimming pool, NFL game, basketball game etc. You will be sending push notifications to ALL Bluetooth enabled android phones that are within 100 yards of your gem. ย Sounds amazing, right!?!

What will your business look like when you have marketed to THOUSANDS of people monthly, weekly or even daily?

Here’s how it works: You get your GEM’s, put the website link on each one, then go about your normal daily life… simple right … REALLY it’s that simple! You can change the link that you use as much as you would like, if you have multiple businesses or multiple messages you would like to get out then grab you a couple of them. I have 3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

One goes to my Facebook page, one to my affiliate program and the 3rd to my blog.

This concept is exploding! You need to get yours before your left in the dust by your competition.


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