Residual Income For You, A Legacy For Your Children

Ever wonder how products come to life?

Ever wonder how inventors find the connections they need to fund, develop, market and sell their products?

Here is the solution to all these hurdles……

KulaBrands is a patent pending business that:

  • collaborates with the inventor of new products,
  • makes important decisions that will help make the product successful,
  • takes the product down the necessary avenues to come to life,
  • links the products with the appropriate connections,
  • allows the community members to pre-pledge on products and ideas and then awards each with lifetime royalties and commissions.

How to become a part of this community, which will allow you to earn royalties and commissions…

Click the above picture

We’ve got one product that is getting ready to go international, and we’ve got multiple products in development so be sure to get in while you still have the change to earn royalties on these..

Some ideas that are in the works right now include: Television Network, Reality show, Movies, baby clothes, tech equipment, gadgets, books, illegal gun removal program, discount software and more…

You don’t want to miss the boat….

Don't Miss The Boat
No, seriously .. you’ll regret missing this boat!


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