5 reasons why blogging is an important tool for network marketers

5 reasons why blogging is an important tool for network marketers


We all know that traditional ways of building a network marketing business is dead. There are only so many friends and family that you can beg to join, you can continue to make your 100’s list like your upline has instructed you but in the long run you know that in order to stay out of the 97% group on people who fail in the industry you need to add MORE.

Reason #1: Get your business in front of as many people as possible

If you introduce your product or opportunity to friends, neighbors, family and strangers within the “3 foot” rule, you will put your business in front of a few dozens people. On average 80-90% of the people will not be interested. With a blog you are actually putting yourself in front of hundreds or thousands daily who have actually looked for your product online.

Reason #2: People look online for more information before joining your business or buying from you

So why are you not the one who is popping up when they start searching? Your company’s replicated website isn’t going to get you found.

Reason #3: Blogging is one of the least expensive ways to obtain customers and recruit.

There is multiple different ways you can spend your advertising budget (weather it be $1 or $1000) but once you run that ad, buy that space or whatever you do – your done that’s it, you may have a sale or two from it but nothing else. If you invest in your blog you will continue to get business off that investment because your blog is there forever. Now that’s a good ROI!

Reason #4: Build YOUR brand

Think about this; when you print those business cards, make those flyers or order those blitz cards you are branding your company, not you. Your network marketing company has plenty of money – let them brand themselves, you need to be building YOUR brand so that you can stand out and build a legitimate long term business. A blog allows you to build you. If you believe in one specific product, idea or lifestyle then promote it, but you also have the options to put your spin on things to make you stand our above the thousands of other people who are promoting the same thing.

Reason #5: You can help your audience

With a blog you can help educate your audience, by doing this you will be the authority figure in your niche. Instead of being the person who is just posting a pic of their company’s products and hoping that someone will click on their link and buy…. you can be the person who is blogging about the help that the product has provided and how you can help other people.

As an entrepreneur for the past 12 years I have tried many methods of marketing, I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying out different methods…

I won’t bore you with all the different things I have tried but I will tell you that the best I have found and the least expensive is blogging!

If you need help building your business that take a look at this …..

Let me know if I can help  you!


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For more information and free help take a look at this VIDEO


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