This Amazing Little Gem :-)

How long have you been in business? Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, brick and mortar business, insurance sales, REALTOR, Broker, Mortgage Loan Officer, Car Salesman, beautician, salon owner, massage therapist, chiropractor or anything else. Whatever you do that requires customers, buyers, clients etc. THIS IS FOR YOU!!

No jokes! These little guys are what you need to increase your business.

Imagine this, you are at your kid’s sporting events, the beach, coffee shop, swimming pool, NFL game, basketball game etc. You will be sending push notifications to ALL Bluetooth enabled android phones that are within 100 yards of your gem.  Sounds amazing, right!?!

What will your business look like when you have marketed to THOUSANDS of people monthly, weekly or even daily?

Here’s how it works: You get your GEM’s, put the website link on each one, then go about your normal daily life… simple right … REALLY it’s that simple! You can change the link that you use as much as you would like, if you have multiple businesses or multiple messages you would like to get out then grab you a couple of them. I have 3 😉

One goes to my Facebook page, one to my affiliate program and the 3rd to my blog.

This concept is exploding! You need to get yours before your left in the dust by your competition.


Can YOU drive traffic offline to any site you choose?

If you could legally send a CUSTOM message/notification to every person within 100 yards (the size of a football field) of you who has an android phone would you?

No… for real?!?!?! This is totally a reality and you NEED this now!

Oh, and it’s not at all expensive like you would think.

Send up to 40 characters in length

Clickable links okay

Get Brand Exposure NOW

More eyes to your Facebook page

More followers on your Instagram

More visits to your sales page (great for eCommerce)

Send everyone around you to your MLM page

Get massive traffic on your blog

REALTORS put this in your open houses

Entrepreneurs dream come true

Yoga Studio


Insurance Agents

Self Employed


Network Marketers



Anyone who needs to get a message out!


It’s time to turn up the success!

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Residual Income For You, A Legacy For Your Children

Ever wonder how products come to life?

Ever wonder how inventors find the connections they need to fund, develop, market and sell their products?

Here is the solution to all these hurdles……

KulaBrands is a patent pending business that:

  • collaborates with the inventor of new products,
  • makes important decisions that will help make the product successful,
  • takes the product down the necessary avenues to come to life,
  • links the products with the appropriate connections,
  • allows the community members to pre-pledge on products and ideas and then awards each with lifetime royalties and commissions.

How to become a part of this community, which will allow you to earn royalties and commissions…

Click the above picture

We’ve got one product that is getting ready to go international, and we’ve got multiple products in development so be sure to get in while you still have the change to earn royalties on these..

Some ideas that are in the works right now include: Television Network, Reality show, Movies, baby clothes, tech equipment, gadgets, books, illegal gun removal program, discount software and more…

You don’t want to miss the boat….

Don't Miss The Boat
No, seriously .. you’ll regret missing this boat!


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make money like a shark
Royalty Check words on paper money issued for interest, percentage, share, income, revenue or earnings as commission





Welcome to the most powerful platform and community that is  designed to help you leverage the internet and EXPLODE YOUR your home biz. I am going to assume that you are here because you are SERIOUS about building your current biz into a thriving and wildly profitable empire.

*** Before we get to that, I want to let you in on The SECRET that will change your life…
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~Forget chasing after strangers.

~Forget all the hard “closing” techniques.

~Forget all of the REJECTION!
How not to grow your mlm
START the first of your many marketing lessons.

I will be sharing with you some real ground breaking ideas and concepts that will blow you away…

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I became part of this community and within my first week,
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This took my business to the next level and it can do the same
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Modern Day Network MarketingCongratulation on taking a step in the right direction!
You won’t be part of the 97% of folks online that fail!

I look forward to working with you,
Sonja Bachman
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Learn this SHARK STYLE business NOW!

I just discovered a project that is totally amazing! and I don’t mean another MLM, Network Marketing kind of idea…. I mean a full blown real – legit – entrepreneur opportunity that is completely doable and affordable!

No autoships – no monthly orders – no recruiting (if you don’t want) – no BV / PV

Learn this SHARK STYLE business NOW!

shark style


The Cofounder and former CEO of Priceline, Jeff Hoffman who just spoke at the UN yesterday about his area of expertise which is entrepreneurship is now the official spokesperson and advisor on the kulaBrands™ team.


Anyone who sees this, has the opportunity to be a part of a grassroots movement called kulaBrands™, which has the very real potential to become the premier launchpad for creating the next household name brands of the future.


kulaBrands™ is a unique patent pending business model, which enables creative and talented, artists, inventors, and authors to partner with a community of like-minded people, who will support them in transforming their visions into reality.


There are THREE Key areas to focus on, in order for any project to be truly successful: Funding, Marketing and Sales.


Our business model, provides the Platform, for Ordinary people, and home based entrepreneurs, to assist project creators, in ALL THREE of these Key areas.


Funding, is dramatically more accessible now, through the mechanism of reward-based crowdfunding.
kulabrands logo

Relevant market exposure, is achieved by a hybrid, of our engaged community members, and our At-Will Automated social media Publishing software.


Sales revenue is driven by our highly incentivised community, through tried and true affiliate commission programs, utilizing high converting sales pages, as well as word of mouth advertising for success in both on and offline sales channels.


This allows us to Utilize the 300 Billion Dollar Direct Sales Industry to Leverage the Power of the 26 TRILLION Dollar Global RETAIL Market in order develop these projects into International Brands.


Technology today, is facilitating greater individual social reach and leverage, and when used to its full advantage, provides a Blue Ocean of opportunity, in which to monetize their activities. This will make it easier, faster, and more likely that a project will have a successful launch into the marketplace.

monetizing social media

It is well known, that royalties are one of the ideal revenue sources in the world.

Royalty Check Commission Income Percentage Revenue Sales

However, until now, royalties have been available only to a small segment of the population. The kulaBrands™ model is opening up an opportunity for large-scale collaboration, in generating royalty income for the masses.




I will talk with you soon!
Sonja Bachman




Jeff Hoffman, joins kulaBrands as Board Member and Co-Founder
Jeff Hoffman is a world renowned serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of, CEO of Black Sky Entertainment (“Cabin Fever” movie), guest Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank and he works with the White House to help grow business. Jeff has this to say about kulaBrands:
… I’m excited to be part of this with you guys. You are in the right place at the right time … If I didn’t think we could make this work, there’s no way I would be doing this … A lot of ideas lack exactly what kulaBrands created.”
joff hoffman

kulaBrands Is For ANYONE…

  • You want to build a lifelong income, where recruiting is optional (but very valuable if you do) and you have no “down-lines” to maintain.
  • There are multiple ways to make money with kulaBrands.
  • NO monthly or annual membership payments. KulaBrands offers one-time membership fees.
  • We are all tired of monthly autoships and required BV/PV etc. KulaBrands-sponsored products are delivered to the retail market through regular distribution channels. You have no inventory to maintain and no direct selling, best yet… if you don’t want it, you simply don’t buy it! It’s all up to you!
  • I know you are  tired of struggling because your sponsor isn’t there for you (or even if they are).
  • You don’t work alone at KulaBrands. Efforts are community-based and help is always just a message away. Interactive members-only webinars are a great way to get support.Get paid over and over for the life of the product on the one-time actions you take today! Royalty income is the best residual income on the planet! Multiple streams of passive income under one roof!


team pic


is up to you…

Are you afraid to take another chance with a home-based business? We’ve got your back!

KulaBrands offers a RISK-FREE, 6-month money-back guarantee.

That’s right! Give it a try for 6 months. We welcome you! kulaBrands is 100% community-focused, and the happiness of our members is our first concern. If you’re not 100% satisfied after 6 months, you get a full refund.

You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. Just get started NOW. Are you ready to say hello to REAL financial freedom and a risk-free opportunity?

We invite you to join our kulaBrands community today! >>>>>>>> CLICK NOW<<<<<<<<<

Copyright kulaBrands Inc. 2016 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

READ THIS if You Need Help Growing Your MLM

READ THIS if You Need Help Growing Your MLM

Talk to your friends…. talk to your neighbors… introduce the business to everyone within 3 feet of you….

You’re tired of hearing this! So was I, and honestly my friends and neighbors were tired of hearing it.Network Marketing

I was faced with the challenge of growing my business without the help of friends, family, neighbors etc. so how did I decide to expand my network marketing business? Keep reading…

Here’s a short version of my story:

My Network Marketing Journey

Several years ago I decided I wanted to stay home with my babies, but I also really needed to earn some extra money to help out with household finances. I decided to become a REALTOR and after a few years I realized I was working more at that then I would of if I would of stayed in corporate America.

I was in a rut, trying to decide what to do. Do I just cut back on expenses or do I go back to a J.O.B. and put my babies in daycare?

Then something happened… I got an invitation to one of those home parties, this is where my world was opened up to the exiting opportunity of NETWORK MARKETING!

Life Changing

So, I loved the products, loved the company, loved my sponsor… So I introduced this to all my friends – their friends – neighbors etc….. I had hit the ground running! Ready to BLOW this biz up!

1st year goes good…. signed up everyone I knew… everyone was having great results! Then the buzz fizzled out. What do I do now? I know I have something great but I have to have customers and distributors to make money!

I started making cards, flyers, posting a pic of my products all over social media, hanging up cards in every business around, passing out cards in every store I went to…. Yeah, I got a little business from this… but not enough to really benefit financially.

How not to grow your mlm

What’s next?

The internet!!!!!! Boo-ya! what was I thinking!?! I realized I could reach thousands of people a day just by using a few strategies I learned online! My world just opened up!

Modern Day Network Marketing

The strategies that I learned were so helpful in my business. After trying and trying and trying for years I have finally found the secrets that other successful network marketers are doing to be in the 3% success rate within this industry!

I really wish I would have found this strategy years ago when I started! I would have had quicker, easier success with much less frustration!

YOU are here because YOU need help, THIS is exactly what YOU need!

REGISTER now for a FREE training that will get you started.

Save your network marketing biz

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How She’s Literally Prospecting from the Beach On Auto-Pilot with Her Blog…

3 Dangerously Effective Blog Tweaks To Virtually Eliminate Live Prospecting and Cause Automated Sign-Ups in Your Biz (Prospects Will Even Text You Begging to Join!)… FREE Video

The Deadliest Secret Keeping You Broke

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5 reasons why blogging is an important tool for network marketers

5 reasons why blogging is an important tool for network marketers


We all know that traditional ways of building a network marketing business is dead. There are only so many friends and family that you can beg to join, you can continue to make your 100’s list like your upline has instructed you but in the long run you know that in order to stay out of the 97% group on people who fail in the industry you need to add MORE.

Reason #1: Get your business in front of as many people as possible

If you introduce your product or opportunity to friends, neighbors, family and strangers within the “3 foot” rule, you will put your business in front of a few dozens people. On average 80-90% of the people will not be interested. With a blog you are actually putting yourself in front of hundreds or thousands daily who have actually looked for your product online.

Reason #2: People look online for more information before joining your business or buying from you

So why are you not the one who is popping up when they start searching? Your company’s replicated website isn’t going to get you found.

Reason #3: Blogging is one of the least expensive ways to obtain customers and recruit.

There is multiple different ways you can spend your advertising budget (weather it be $1 or $1000) but once you run that ad, buy that space or whatever you do – your done that’s it, you may have a sale or two from it but nothing else. If you invest in your blog you will continue to get business off that investment because your blog is there forever. Now that’s a good ROI!

Reason #4: Build YOUR brand

Think about this; when you print those business cards, make those flyers or order those blitz cards you are branding your company, not you. Your network marketing company has plenty of money – let them brand themselves, you need to be building YOUR brand so that you can stand out and build a legitimate long term business. A blog allows you to build you. If you believe in one specific product, idea or lifestyle then promote it, but you also have the options to put your spin on things to make you stand our above the thousands of other people who are promoting the same thing.

Reason #5: You can help your audience

With a blog you can help educate your audience, by doing this you will be the authority figure in your niche. Instead of being the person who is just posting a pic of their company’s products and hoping that someone will click on their link and buy…. you can be the person who is blogging about the help that the product has provided and how you can help other people.

As an entrepreneur for the past 12 years I have tried many methods of marketing, I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying out different methods…

I won’t bore you with all the different things I have tried but I will tell you that the best I have found and the least expensive is blogging!

If you need help building your business that take a look at this …..

Let me know if I can help  you!


PS If you have found value in this article please share with a friend or co-worker!

For more information and free help take a look at this VIDEO

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